A ‘Special’ day in town

A reconstruction of the day the Ulster Special Constabulary were tasked with security when the Queen visited Ballymoney some 60 years ago took place at the town’s Railway station on Saturday, July 6.

Members of the USC from Tyrone provided a unique spectacle as they carried out their duties under careful instruction from senior officers in the presence of an interested audience including the Mayor John Finlay and the man who organised the event, local historian, Peter Thompson.

Mr. Thompson has been given credit for his efforts particularly the exhibition in the Town Hall where memorabilia from the ‘B’ Specials period was put on 

Indeed, such was the success of the exhibition that it was decided to extend it by three days.

Commenting on the display, Mr. Thompson told the Times that it had been a very worthwhile exercise to mark the Queen’s visit all those years ago.

“We would have liked to have done more, but there were a number of constraints. However, we hope we provided the public with a flavour of what happened all those years ago,” he said.