‘A shot in the dark’ success

Enjoying the Boxing Day shoot. INBM03-14
Enjoying the Boxing Day shoot. INBM03-14

A new project called ‘A Shot in the Dark’ organised and ran a very successful Boxing Day clay pigeon shoot.

Dervock Young Defenders Flute Band in partnership with the newly formed ‘Blackwater Clay Pigeon Club’ Dervock, Dervock & District Community Association and members from various ‘Clay Pigeon Clubs’ had a successful Boxing Day shoot in the village.

Steven Phillips said: “The project called ‘A Shot in the Dark’ was designed to demonstrate the positive community development and capacity building that Dervock Young Defenders Flute Band have been engaged in in recent years.

“The band has participated in an educational talk (Beacon of Hope – funded by CRC) about the history of the Twelfth bonfire and flags. Working in partnership with the ‘Association’ members helped clean directional signs in the village depicting the town of Ballycastle.

“Band members were also involved in the Arts Council – Re-imaging Communities Programme and the Building Brighter Futures trip to the ‘City of Culture 2013’ organised by Dervock and District Community Association (DADCA) in September 2013.

“The clay pigeon shoot highlighted the camaraderie amongst the groups through the medium of sport.

“The ‘Club’ recently had a successful joint meeting with the PSNI which included a Q&A session which we adapted to facilitate a structured debate on community relations between and within communities.”

Mr Phillips added: “The information collected indicated that although we lived in close proximity, most of the groups have been working by themselves (no cohesion) but with support, there is a willingness to work together – through the medium of sport; there is a sense of togetherness – part of a bigger team.”

A band member said: “The ‘Boxing Day’ shoot will help support and develop this work further and help to improve community relations in the village and will let members of the community see that we are about more than just parading. We want to contribute to our area and help to make a difference for everyone. Our band comprises of a number of young people and we want to have a positive influence on them. We would like to take this opportunity to record our thanks and appreciation to Denis and Rosemary McGill, Dervock for providing the land for the shoot, the PSNI for presenting prizes.”

Steven Phillips concluded: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ballymoney Borough Council and to acknowledge the funding received through their ‘Good Relations Small Grants Programme’ for this project.”