A positive call to our farmers from the Northern Trust

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As rural life continues to change, this can present new opportunities and problems.

With recent bad weather and shortage of fodder, a strong community and helping spirit has been obvious and a lifeline to many families. However, for some, these challenges may have increased their feelings of isolation, stress, anxiety or low mood. At this difficult time it is important to make sure that the mental health of the farming community is supported and that farmers know help is available.

The Northern Health and Social Care Trust is working with Rural Support – a leading charity, to provide help and advice to farmers.

Talking about our problems, fears and worries is a great way to ease them and figure out ways to manage them. Farmers can generally be reluctant to talk about their feelings and concerns, but staff and volunteers in Rural Support understand farming life, and provide a listening and signposting service for farmers and rural families across Northern Ireland. No matter what your situation is, help is always available.