A million reasons to be cheerful

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Glorious March has now passed into budding April and Ballymoney Rotary Club have a million reasons to be cheerful.

Ballycastle and Ballymoney Rotary Clubs the Rotary Ireland District Governor Mr Barney Callaghan praised the wonderful spirit of cooperation and enthusiasm that existed in the north Antrim community. His remarks arose from the announcement that around £3000 was raised at the recent Charity Breakfast held in the Joey Dunlop Centre for the local branches of Marie Curie Support, Macmillan Nurses and other local Rotary Charities.

This would not have been possible without the support of the community. Also highlighted at the meeting was the fantastic response to the clubs drive around the sports clubs, shops, local businesses, and street posters to increase support for the Blood Transfusion sessions at the start of March.

A 20% plus increase was recorded at the session despite the recent controversy over Donors.

Also during March the Club took part in a British Heart Foundation Heart Start training session.This was very relevant in light of what happened two days later to the Bolton Wanders footballer Fabrice Muamba. The members performed C.P.R. and asked many probing questions regarding Defibulation.

Variety is the spice of life and with this in mind the club have several other interesting projects up its sleeve in the coming months to raise money for charities “Come Dine with Me“ being one of them.

None of the clubs Charity projects would be possible without the support of our great wee community in North Antrim and for that the members of Ballymoney and Ballycastle Rotary Clubs would like to send out a Million THANK YOU’s