£50,000 fencing contract for borough

BALLYMONEY councillors have agreed to carry out £50,000 worth of essential boundary fence repairs throughout the borough.

During a recent Amenities Committee meeting, the report explained: ‘For 2012/13 Council has approved £50,000 in the form of capital expenditure to carry out essential boundary fence repairs.

‘Locations prioritised as requiring new fencing include Ballybogey, Ballyknock, Balnamore, Carnany, Corkey, Dunaghy, Dunloy, Killyrammer, Macfin, Megaw and Scally Park.

‘This work will re-establish boundary lines, eliminate unauthorised accesses and improve security to sites. Type of fencing used will range from chestnut pailing to palisade depending on site specific needs. The work will be let shortly in accordance with the provisions of the Council’s Procurement Policy.

‘It is recommended that Council note the action to be taken.’

In response to Cllr Tom McKeown’s question about when the work was due to start, the Director explained: “It’s starting on November 1st.”

Cllr Ian Stevenson thanked the officer for all his hard work.

Cllr John Finlay welcomed the news adding that: “The MLA’s office and myself have been pushing for this for a while now.”

Finally Cllr Mervyn Storey concurred with everyone’s comments adding: “I would like however to raise the issue of chestnutt pailing and it’s suitability. I feel it will only keep out those who desire not to enter and not those who do want to get it.

“I feel we might require more robust protection in some of the areas. We need to protect Council’s property. I understand that this would not be necessary in all cases but in just some.

“Additionally, is Riverside Park included in and around the Raceview area?”

In response the Director, John Michael explained that there was ‘no mention of the Riverside Park area’ however continued that he would ‘take on board Cllr Storey’s comments regarding the robustness of the chestnutt pailing.’

He concluded: “We are trying to spread the money out to as many areas as possible but I think the points mentioned are valid. Council does not want to have to go back on something.”