2020 say protect your land

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FOR the first time in 10 years, farmers and landowners are being urged to participate in forming future settlement boundaries throughout Northern Ireland.

Currently, all 11 Super Councils in Northern Ireland are undergoing a process of land zoning and de-zoning to establish future settlement boundaries. This will include land suitable for development and land which will be deselected or de-zoned. Community participation at this early stage is vital.

2020 Architects in Ballymoney are urging all land owners to protect their land under these imminent land changes which will come into effect from 2017.

If you are a land owner in Northern Ireland and are interested in future-proofing the development status of your land then it is essential to register your interest at this stage. Failure to do so could mean your land is eliminated for development potential.  Likewise, if you have land and would like it to be included for future development it is equally important to promote its inclusion.

Each Super Council will outline their proposal in a Preferred Options Paper, due to be published in 2017 which will be open for public consultation. Mid-Ulster Council is the first Super Council to publish their ‘Preferred Options Paper’ and public representations must be made before the closing date on January 27th, 2017.

If you would like your land included for development, or to see if your land needs protecting, 2020 Architect are offering a free, no obligation feasibility.

To get in touch with 2020 Architects and register your interest in protecting your land email info@2020architects.co.uk or tel 028 2766 7999.