2016 New Horizon will explore ‘The Jesus Way’

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New Horizon, based at the University in Coleraine, is the largest Christian event in Northern Ireland, attracting 5,000 people a day.

Running at the University since 1989, New Horizon is more than a conference – it is a time of refreshment, challenge, inspiration and encouragement for all the family with vibrant worship, evening celebrations, morning Bible teaching, topical seminars and high-energy Youth and Children’s programmes.

This year’s event will start on Saturday, August 6, and will run until Saturday August 12.

New Horizon’s theme this year is ‘The Jesus Way’.

Organisers say: “1916: Before the Easter Rising. Before the Somme. Before partition, the Belfast Blitz.

“Before thirty years of troubles. Before the term ‘Good Friday’ became synonymous with political agreements. Before human rights and equality commissions. Before parks, shops, cinemas and sport were open on Sundays. Before secularism, consumerism, and multi-culturalism. Before television, internet, smartphones and social media.

“100 years on - Life has changed. Culture has changed. Attitudes have changed.

“The world we live in, the stories we tell, the experiences we have come through, have shaped and moulded us. Yet Jesus came and spoke of an everlasting kingdom and taught us to pray that this Kingdom will come and his will be done here on earth.

“What does this mean for us? Jesus came to seek and to save the lost, the perishing, to turn the tide of a people turning their back on God. What does this mean for us?

“Jesus came and established his church, his people, against whom the very gates of the hell he spoke of would not prevail.

“What does this mean for us? What did Jesus say about the kingdom of God, the lost, and the church? And does this message shape and mould us, the world we live in, the stories we tell, and our experience of life? New Horizon 2016… The Jesus Way.”

With prayer meetings, discussions, celebrations and live worship - New Horizon has something for everyone.

For the children:

New Horizon has always seen working with young people as a vital and rewarding part of the week. Different programmes are geared to appropriate ages and cover from Creche through to 18 years of age. Online registration for the kids programme is available online now. Visit newhorizon.org for a full programme.