£20,000 secured for ‘outdoor gym’ on Rathlin Island

£20,000 funding has been secured to provide an ‘outdoor gym’ on Rathlin Island, writes Nevin Farrell.

Outdoor gyms feature pieces of equipment which are able to be used by people in areas like parks to keep fit in the great outdoors.

In recent years they have appeared in a number of areas in Northern Ireland but now the first off-shore outdoor gym is coming to Rathlin.

Moyle Council official Esther Mulholland said Rathlin Islanders don’t have the same access to recreation facilities as those on the County Antrim mainland but that the money has now been secured from the Public Health Agency.

Cllr Joan Baird (Ulster Unionist) welcomed the development which she said said would not only be used by Islanders but by tourists.

In a letter to Moyle Council, David Quinney Mee of the Rathlin Development & Community Association, said: ‘Rathlin has very little by way of traditional sport or recreational facilities and access to similar facilities elsewhere in Moyle is obviously restricted, costly, particularly for any off-island evening activities after the last ferry sails’.