£2.5 million boost for Ballymoney

THE HOUSING Executive is to invest £2.5 million in the Ballymoney Borough over the next year, it has been revealed.

It relates to the current 2013/14 financial year up to April next year.

Meanwhile, referring to the Executive’s investment in Ballymoney Borough in 2012/13, Causeway Area Manager, Mark Alexander said: “Last year the Housing Executive:

* Spent over £1.85 million on improving and maintaining Housing Executive homes in Ballymoney;

* Invested £0.65 million to assist vulnerable people through the Supporting People programme.

* Provided £0.3 million for grant aid to improve housing conditions in the private sector;

* Invested £157k on adapting Housing Executive homes in this area having commenced adaptations to 23 tenants’ homes;

* Provided 1,166 private sector tenants with Housing Benefit assistance, an increase of 40% from 2009;

* Worked with community groups and other sectors to encourage safer, settled and inclusive communities.”

Warmer homes in Ballymoney

BALLYMONEY councillors have been given an update on work carried out in the area by the Housing Executive through the ‘Warm Homes Scheme’.

Executive official Mark Alexander said: “In Ballymoney Borough last year 161 private sector homes were insulated, 4 had heating installed, one received internal dry lining insulation and a further 7 had both insulation and heating installed through the Warm Homes Scheme.

£750,000 boost

Mr Alexander also says they will spend £750,000 in the Ballymoney area this year to help people live independently.

“This year the Housing Executive will invest £0.75m to help the most vulnerable people in Ballymoney Borough to continue to live independently. This is especially important for older people and people with disabilities. Existing funding delivers 14 supported housing accommodation based schemes and one floating support scheme, “ he said.