100 arrests during drug dealers operation: police

A total of 100 people have been arrested by officers in H District in relation to the ongoing ‘Operation Torus’ initiative across Northern Ireland targetting street level drug dealing.

Operation Torus has been going on since August 20th and police action ‘on the ground’ against drug dealers has supported by a media campaign designed to encourage people to report drug dealing.

In total, over £6,000 worth of illegal drugs have been seized in H District - which includes Ballymoney - and over 136 searches have been carried out to date.

The drugs seized during the operation have included cannabis, Mephedrone and prescription drugs. Cash believed to be the proceeds of drugs operations has also been seized.

Detective Chief Inspector Tracey Mageean, H District Crime Manager, said: “”Police in H District are acutely aware of the dreadful impact of drugs and drug dealing on our communities, seeing the damage they cause on a daily basis.

“Throughout the year we tackle drug dealing by searching houses, business premises, seizing money and putting dealers before the courts. Police will continue to tackle this issue and apprehend those involved and bring them to justice.

“At the heart of successfully policing drug dealing is information from the communities we serve. If you know who is dealing, if you have suspicions where drugs may be stored, if you are concerned about suspicious activity around schools, public houses or night clubs, let us know.

““We welcome all the information that people can provide. They can speak to their local police officer, or call us through the police exchange, 08454 600 8000, or via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.””