0% increase to ratepayers

BALLYMONEY Borough Council has struck this year’s rates estimate at a 0% increase to the ratepayer.

The figure was reached at a meeting on Monday, February 11 after a lengthy discussion which caused tension in the chamber and saw the DUP split.

After months of discussion, compromises were still being made at the very last minute with votes being taken, and although the 0% increase was set, only eight out of 13 Councillors present agreed with the changes.

The proposal by Cllr Ian Stevenson, seconded by Alderman Cecil Coulsey, saw that Council approve estimates of income and expenditure with total net expenditure of £7,755,462, and set district rates, non-domestic property rate of 27,4685 pence and domestic property rate of 0.3525 pence, for the financial year 2013/14, an increase of 0%.

A previous proposal by Alderman Bill Kennedy which would have seen Council agree on version four of the rates book and would still have been a 0% increase was seconded by Cllr John Finlay but lost by eight votes to six.

It was also proposed by Cllr Stevenson and seconded by Alderman Bill Kennedy that Council approve the Minimum Revenue Provision (MRP) Policy Statement 2013/14 and approve the Prudential Indicators.