BOYS a wus jest sittin tha ither dey switherin aboot things in general an a thocht rin through mae heid. Noo am sure some o yese ir lakely thinkin am sure it wusna a wise yin. Hooiniver here it is,a thocht aboot tha wye wae gie in affen gie ir quick aff tha mark rin ithers doon withoot ony guid rayson.

Am weel aweer that A hae geen aff tae ithers withoot pittin mae brane in gear. A larned man yince toul mae that it wus a wise thing tae listen at laist twice as mich as ye taaked. Deed whiles A think A hae wore mae tongue oot tellin yins aboot tha wye things shud bae dane an efter on hae thocht tae maesel that A wud hae bane betther tae hae shut mae mooth. Mine ye tha ouler a get A think tae see tha hale picthur ye mann hear baith sides o tha story.

Sae whun A wus in this soart o a line o thocht A mined aboot an oul rhyme frae awa bak in 1836 scrieved bae boady ca’ed Hamilton Nimmo. Tak a wee keek at it for yersels for mine ye thaur is a hale loc o truth in it.


bae Hamilton Nimmo 1836.

Go canny thro’ this weary world,

An’ pick yer steps wi’ care,

An’ niver dae yer neibour wrang

But aye dae what is fair.

Men fa’ an’ niver rise agen,

Wha niver fell afore

There’s aye a muckle slippy stane

At ilka body’s door.

An’ gin yer neibour chance tae fa’,

Ye mauna let him lie,

But gie a han tae help him up,

As ye ir passin’ by.

The case may be yer ain some day,

Tho’ guides ye hae in store,

There’s aye a muckle slippy stane

At ilka body’s door.

There’s slippy stanes where’er ye gang,

Bae cottage, hut an’ ha’

An ye maun pick yer steps wi’ care,

Or ower them ye may fa’.

For Emperors an Kings hae fa’en,

Forbye there’s mony a score ----

There’s aye a muckle slippy stane

At ilka body’s door.

Noo am sure yese wull hae tae agree tha man himsel knoad what hae wus taakin aboot an wae cud pye heed tae haes wurds o wisdom. Sae tae tha nixt time kept tha sun aff yer een an keep it Ullans.

Tha Poocher Mie 2013