Ullan’s February article

Oul sayins o mae granfeyther’s dey.

A wus sittin switherin what lies a cud tell whun a thocht come intae mae heid aboot tha things mae

granfeyther wud hae sed. Noo ye wud still hear tha folk roo aboot usin some o them but here they


A bonny bride is soon buskit.

A burnt wean dreads the fire.

A gangin’ fut is aye gettin’, an’ it be but a thoarn.

A hairy man’s a wealthy man ; a hairy wife’s a witch.

An oul maids wean’s aye weel bred.

As blin as a bat.

As deef as door nail.

As dry as a whistle.

Better wear oot shoon than sheets.

Birds and weans mann aye bae pickin’.

Tha lassies ir a’ guid, but whaur dae ill wifes come frae ?

Fools an weans shouldnae see half dane wark.

Gantin’s wantin’ sleepin’, meat, or makin’ o’.

If ye fry stanes in butter, tha sauce wull bae guid.

He coorted ower tha moon and merried ower tha middin’.

He needs a lang spoon that sups wae tha deil.

Lang may your lum reek.

Mae a moose niver rin ower your meal chist wi’ a tear in it’s ee.

May birds ir aye cheepin’ ; May brides ir aye weepin’..

Ne’er cast a cloot or May be oot.

God aye tak’s care o’weanss, fools, and fu folk.

Quick at meat, quick at wark.

Sticks and stanes will break yer banes, But names’ll nivir herm you.

It’ a seek bird that fouls it’s ain nest.

Ye canny whistle an chow meal.

Yer mair bother than yer worth.

Better a sma’ fire tae heat ye, Than a big yin tae burn ye.

It’s nae odds amang tinkers wha carries tha bag.

A bat on tha elba lake the daith o’ a man’s wife -- ye feel it for a time, but naw for lang.

A shoemakker’s wife an a blacksmith’s meer ir aye weel shod.

Aff coorse ye micht know yin ir twa o these oul sayins but A hope it brings tae mine some that ye

micht hae h’ard yersel. A think oul sayin shud bae pit doon on paper an ir naw allooed tae jest dee

wae tha oul folk wha used them. Onywye a’l lee yese wae yin a usetae bae toul whun A got on mae

moathers narves. She wud hae sed, awa an knit fog

Tha Poocher February 2013