Take the danger out of Halloween

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With the Halloween Festivities fast approaching, Moyle Policing & Community Safety Partnership are keen that everyone enjoys the celebration.

The local community group ABBA has worked closely with a range of agencies to plan and prepare for their bonfire celebrations in Altananam tomorrow (Wednesday).

A number of committee members have availed of event management and risk assessment training provided by Supporting Communities NI. PCSP members from Council, Police, NIHE and the NI Fire and Rescue Service have all assisted in this planning aiming to support and assist the group have a safe event.

Young people from the estates which ABBA represents have been actively involved in the planning and are set to assist with the delivery of the event. Many of the young people along with members of ABBA Residents group took part in a Bonfire Safety Training Event held in Altananam in Moyle District Councils Air Quality Trailer.

Charlotte Dunlop, Environmental Health Officer, highlighted the problems associated with bonfires.

Peter McCaughan, Ballycastle Fire Fighter and David Adams, Home Safety Officer explained the dangers with fireworks.

Fireworks: Moyle PCSP and David Adams, Home Safety Officer would like to remind Moyle residents and young people that it is illegal to buy fireworks in Northern Ireland without a licence, the only exception being category 1 ie sparklers and indoor fireworks. Garden Fireworks are Category 2 and can be purchased by the public but only with an appropriate license. Mini rockets, bangers and air bombs are all illegal. It is considerate that any fireworks should not be fired between the hours of 11.00pm and 7.00am.

Bonfires can also be a huge source of concern. This may be because of the location, its construction or the materials being used. If your community is planning to have a bonfire, seek expert advice from Environmental Health Officers at Moyle District Council or from the NI Fire and Rescue Service.

Trick or Treat: Moyle PCSP would also ask our younger witches and wizards to remember to be considerate if out ‘trick or treating’. While many people enjoy these unusual visitors on Halloween Night others, particularly those who maybe ill, have mobility problems or have young family members in bed, can find the constant knocks at the door distressing.

Events: The company of the witches, wizards and strange beings of Halloween Night are invited to join a Fancy Dress Parade through Ballycastle which is being organised by Moyle District Council. The parade will leave from the Altananam estate at 7.00pm and will be down at the seafront prior to the fireworks display at 8.00pm. Celebrations in Altananam will start again at 8.30pm.

You can also make contact with the Community Safety Wardens 07545 926964 and they will pass your concerns on to the relevant authority. In an emergency situation always call 999 and ask for a response form the relevant service.