Six contractors for Drumaheglis

BALLYMONEY Borough Council has invited tenders for the Drumaheglis Multi-purpose Building and Access Improvement Scheme.

During a recent Leisure and Amenities Committee meeting, members appointed six contractors to form its select list.

The report explained: ‘Members are asked to note that both funding from INTERREG and NITB has now been secured totalling £493,614 which will, once a contractor select list has been determined, enable the scheme to be commenced.

‘It is recommended that Council tender the project.’

It was proposed by Alderman Bill Kennedy, seconded by Cllr Robert Halliday and agreed to recommend that Council tender the Drumaheglis Multi-purpose Building & Access Improvement Scheme.

Meanwhile during last Monday’s meeting the select list was revealed.

The addendum explained: ‘To satisfy further requirement CPD selection procedures were used to compile a short list of contractors who would be invited to tender for the scheme.

‘The scheme was advertised locally and in the ROI using the e-tender website.

‘Twenty-one returns were assessed under the Chairmanship of Cllr Frank Campbell, assisted by the Head of Amenities and Melita Bloomfield (R Robinson and Sons). The process was monitored by a representative from CPD.’

Council appointed the six contractors.

Meanwhile it was also recommended that Council note that Planning Approval has been obtained for this project.

It was proposed by Cllr Robert Halliday, seconded by Cllr Ian Stevenson.

* Council also noted: ‘Drumaheglis Marina and Caravan Park following receipt of the AA Inspection Report 2012 re Camping & Caravan Parks, I am pleased to advise that the AA classification remains at 5 Pennant with a quality score of 78%.’