Short film from Cross and Passion

FRIENDS of Pavestone is staging a celebration, Finn MacCool, Global Architect at Flowerfield Arts Centre in Portstewart on Thursday, August 2 at 7.30pm.

The public is invited to join Pavestone for a trip around the world to experience the handiwork of our most famous legend and indulge in a Celtic commemoration of the Causeway, exploring how this mythical pathway has inspired numerous artists.

A prime example is the creative industry ‘F.MacCool & Co.’ based at the Pavestone Centre. This social enterprise produces quality traditional craftwork - one product being ‘simulated stone’ photographic frames.

F.MacCool & Co. has teamed with renowned photographer, Andy McInroy and will be exhibiting, in the Upper Gallery - ‘From Murlough to Murlough’ - pictures of a North Irish journey framed in local stone – or so they say!

The evening launches the exhibition which will run from August 2 to 30.

The event will showcase the work of local and national artists including poetry by Christopher Law and a short film from UNESCO competition winners Cross and Passion School, Ballycastle.

Moving-image artist Richard Ashrowan from the Scottish Borders completes the journey with an experience of Fingal’s Cave, Staffa.

Voluntary donations will be taken for the charity, Friends of Pavestone Centre.