Private Oil Lamp Collection for Ballycastle sale

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A private collection of over 50 oil lamps, is included in McAfee Auctions next sale in Ballycastle scheduled for the 7th of September.

‘Its a wonderful collection’ says Gerry McAfee ‘with nearly every style and design of brass pillar, coloured and hand painted bowl, and of course many have interesting etched glass shades’.

There are over 30 standard sized palour lamps, and over 50 finger lamps and again there are lots of interesting different coloured glass, including ruby and many hand painted ones.

‘Many auciton goers will remember the McKeown Collection of Oil Lamps that we did several years ago, well this is a similar sale’, says Gerry McAfee and rarely does such a collection from one collector come to market.

Another collection in this sale is a selection of 10 wall clocks, including double weight and spring viennas, Amercian drop dial and regulators, and there is also two private collections of fishanalia from two local estates, and including a selection of fishing rods, reels, tackle etc.

The sale takes place in McAfee Auctions Ballycastle sale room on Friday the 7th of September at 6.30pm - full details will be advertised shortly.