Paddy’s shoes are just the ticket!

HE has taken part in countless horseshoe competitions with a great deal of success, but there’s one constant that links Paddy McCloskey to the sport – his trusty shoes!

Made of special hard steel and fashioned just the way Paddy likes them, has enabled this popular Limavady man to win a host of titles.

Their shape and design is, according to Paddy, one of the reasons why they are easier to use than most, but many would suggest that much of the success is down to Paddy’s natural ability.

“They were actually a gift but they were exactly what I wanted,” Paddy revealed.

He says he couldn’t and wouldn’t use any other shoes because “I wouldn’t have the same confidence with them.”

While the sport of horseshoes has diminished in popularity compared with a number of years ago, there are pockets around North Antrim and County Londonderry where it still flourishes and men like Paddy McCloskey are to be commended for keeping it going.

Not only that, but he and his colleagues play for the love and not for any prize money.

“We donate more than half to charity,” he revealed.