On radio, in papers, in print and online - Ballymoney promotes Festive Happenings!

In a year, when the economic climate has been difficult, Ballymoney Borough Council and Chamber of Commerce have increased their joint efforts to promote Ballymoney to its potential shoppers this Christmas.

Here’s the list of various channels used.

On Radio - A month long advertising campaign has got underway on Q97 radio, highlighting the various events in the town centre, appealing to families, including the Saturday morning cinema, Saturday afternoon music and Santa’s Grotto.

In Papers - A series of newspaper advertisements have been booked through both regional and local press, to promote the various events both locally and further afield.

In Print - 6000 brochures, detailing the various festive events, went to schools and shops, to get the details of the children’s events across to families.

Online - A collaborative campaign via Facebook between “Ballymoney Town Centre” and many of the town’s shops has continued to grow, helping to highlight the current offers by the local retailers. Events are also publicised on www.visitballymoney.com/christmas.aspx

Development Committee Chair, Councillor Bill Kennedy said: “I want to acknowledge these marketing efforts and to commend the Council and Chamber on putting on a month long series of festive events to appeal to families and shoppers.

“The sponsorship of the town’s four main banks is gratefully received. It is important that our town gives itself every chance to have a brisk month of trade in the run up to Christmas. By putting on a series of events including film, music, a Santa’s Grotto and competitions, we hope that our Shop Local campaign succeeds in bringing more trade to our town this Christmas.”