New Kennedy Kane McArthur publication for FREE!

In 2012 the UK has been gripped by Olympic fever and we here in Ulster have more than most to celebrate with regards the Olympics.

100 year ago at the 1912 Stockholm Olympic Games a well-built runner draped with a huge laurel wreath crossed the finish line to take the gold medal in the marathon event for South Africa; his name was Kennedy Kane McArthur.

Born 1882 in Dervock, Kennedy Kane took a gamble and left Ulster for bigger and better opportunities in South Africa, and the gamble paid off. Not only did he win an Olympic Gold medal but before going to the 1912 Olympics, Kennedy Kane took part in many marathons and races, going on to win most of them.

The Ullans Speakers Association with help from a South African writer called Riel Hauman have produced this publications which takes a look at Kennedy Kane MacArthur’s live and achievements from his humble beginnings in Dervock to his emigration and success in South Africa.

This is a bilingual publication written in both English and Ulster Scots.

If you would like a FREE copy of the book either call into The Ullans Centre, Victoria Street, Ballymoney or call 0282766889 and we’ll get one posted out to you.