MAD MANDY - Tribute to Lyle

Lyle and I have never met face to face yet we are mates because he was kind enough to print my drivel and in so doing gave me a purpose.

I seldom paid attention to what was going on around me and by chance I wrote an article about the ice storm blackout. Lyle printed it and I was hooked. He doesn’t know it but he changed and enriched my life and so many lovely peeps have volunteered to appear in print.

I write about what I experience. Lyle does that and far more. He see’s life with an artist’s eye. The myriad of colours and changing scenes.

In my opinion The Ballymoney and Moyle Times is like a child he produced and nurtured. And he did it on a shoestring.

The quality of the reporting and editing would put many red tops to shame. To say I admire Lyle is an understatement. He will be sorely missed by us all.

I for one can’t imagine the paper without him so I am retiring too.

All the very best my dear friend whom I never met in person. Some day I will spy you ... RUN HaHaHaHa