Increasing sales of CD - ‘Michael Kennedy Tonight’

ONE of North Antrim’s best known musicians, Michael Kennedy, is delighted with sales of his latest CD ‘Michael Kennedy Tonight.’

Michael’s usual task in recording studios is providing musical accompaniment for singers on their productions.

However, on this occasion as a result of public requests plus encouragement from well-known singers and fellow musicians including Goerge Burrows who took responsibility for production, arrangements as well as the choice of each track on the CD, the recordings soon began.

The purchase of the CD by visitors in hotels where Michael entertains has resulted in his music and songs reaching many other countries hence increasing the enthusiasm for more recordings.

Michael has pointed to the early years which was influenced by listening to internationally known musician Trefor Owens from Ballymoney who has graced the scene both as a solo artist and in the dance band scene.

Michael’s present accordion was purchased from Trefor’s father, the late great Johnnie Owens, thirty plus years ago and said ti was no wonder that his grandchildren, Trevor Junior and family were actively involved in today’s music world.

Michael’s promotiers and hotel entertainment managers and Michael himself have expressed thanks and praise to George Burrows for his production.

It seems we can look forward to a new 214-track CD from George entitled ‘Tribute to Roy Orbison’ recorded as his esclusive and unique Causeway Coast Leyland Sound Studios.