Great support for ‘An Inspector Calls’

QUADRANGLE Productions, Ballycastle, would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all of the people who attended their performance of ‘An Inspector Calls’ on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th April.

A spokesperson said: “We know that people came from all over to see our show and we very much appreciated their support.

“The people of Ballymoney should be extremely proud of the three young men, Calum Telfer, David Willis, and Ryan Ennis who did an absolutely sterling job in the roles of Eric Birling, Gerald Croft and the Inspector.

“These young men are a great credit to their town and prove that there is a wealth of talent across the North Coast. And not forgetting our own Ballycastle residents, Rachel McCook as Sheila Birling, Caroline and Dominic McAfee as Mr and Mrs Birling, Dairine Forsythe as Edna.

“These cast members, along with the shows director Lee McLaughlin, completed the excellent line up of wonderfully talented young people who brought the play to life for everyone to appreciate.

“We hope that everyone who attended the performance really enjoyed it and we want to say thank you again for being such encouraging audience members – we really do appreciate it.”

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