Free ‘Boot Camp’ ... at 6.30am in Fitness Factor!

A LEADING local gym has come up with a dramatic way of getting you fitter - a free 6.30am ‘Boot Camp’!

‘Fitness Factor’ - which has outlets at Bridge Road, Dunloy and Crankill Road, Glarryford - will put you through your paces for at least 45 minutes - and best of all it is FREE and you don’t have to be a member.

But you had better move fast as Fitness Factor’s popular Facebook site was reporting on Friday that they already had 35 names in Dunloy where they could take at least another 25 and ten spaces are up for grabs at the Ashgrove site at Crankill Road.

The aim of the ‘Boot Camp’ is to start at 6.30am and finish between 7.15am and 7.30am and they will be using battling ropes, tyres, sledge hammers, prowlers, farmer’s walks, TRX, rip core, kettlebells and much more.

The gym says it will be different to anything you have ever done before.

Meanwhile, also at Fitness Factor there are a wide range of classes at other times of the day for all abiliities including kettlebells, spin cycle, TRX and Rip Core.

At Fitness Factor gym they have an emphasis on individual goals and needs as they find these the key to success. Every member is provided with specific programming, nutritional guidelines and inspired coaching to deliver the results and benefits of living a healthy regime.

They are 100% committed to what they do and they constantly strive to perfect their training through research and testing to bring you the most scientifically cutting edge methods.

With two locations in the heart of County Antrim their gyms provide the perfect relaxing atmosphere for male and female members and are easily accessible from the surrounding areas of Ballymoney, Ballymena, Moyle, Coleraine and beyond.

For more information contact 07793 539 935 or email: