Drumaheglis Marine goes native

Over the next few years Ballymoney Council will be taking positive steps to enhance Drumaheglis Marine and Caravan Park, for the benefit of visitors, the local community and biodiversity through a series of improvement works, one of which is ‘Going Native’.

Rachel Bain, Biodiversity Officer explained: “This exciting project will see Drumaheglis non-native trees being replaced over the next few years with a new native woodland which will support many more native plants and wildlife, and bring the site users closer to our local biodiversity.”

Rachel continued: “This is a long term project and we are being careful to keep the disruption to a minimum working through the winter, retaining existing native trees, sensitively selecting the coups for felling to maintain the woodland feel and screening of the conifers, while the new native trees establish over the next few years, and we appreciate the support of the site users while the new native woodland establishes.”

Native woodland has been selected for priority action within the Northern Ireland Biodiversity Strategy and our Local Biodiversity Action Plan, and native woodland creation is one of the ways we can take action and help our local biodiversity. This project part of Ballymoney Borough Councils commitment to conserving and enhancing the local biodiversity of the Borough. If you have any queries please contact Rachel Bain, Biodiversity Officer, rachel.bain@ballymoney.gov.uk