Dr Feel-Good comes to town...

ARTHUR Whyte, Spiritual Healer, holds his first Healing Day in Coleraine this Sunday 21st in the Lodge Hotel, Coleraine.

Arthur has been travelling to Coleraine for several months and is now offering the Healing Day due to popular demand. The healing gift was passed to him from his grandfather the day before his grandfather passed-on, when Arthur was only 16. It took Arthur a further 30 years before he took up his place as a Healer.

This year saw Arthur feature in the Sunday Life as ‘Dr Feel-Good’, a name given to him by sceptic journalist Sarah Girvin. Read her article at www.arthurwhyte.com in which she was blown away by the way that Arthur’s healing made her feel. Arthur’s website offers testimonials from individuals across the world praising his powerful healing ability; Arthur has helped with anything from undiagnosed illnesses to heart conditions and depression.

It’s only when you meet Arthur that you realise it’s not the headlines that grab attention, it is his compassion and humble approach to each individual that is lucky enough to cross paths with him. “I have been attending Arthur’s Healing Days from January this year and it is an amazing experience with no two days the same, they are uplifting light-hearted, the powerful effects that you receive is priceless. It brings you back to you,” said one person.

“I have also witnessed individuals leaving with such compassion in their hearts and with a great sense of peace, while others attending with physical conditions get such relief.”

One such lady suffering with back pain tells how, many years ago she was told she would have to live with the pain, but since attending appointments with Arthur she explains that the pain has eased, as has her Arthritis with her quality of life greatly increasing.

It is the changes that you feel on the inside that makes the day so unique. There are no workbooks, no frills, no lengthy discussions just the relaxing and powerful energy that will make lasting changes, all you have to do is be willing to receive. Claire O’Kane, Unconditional Healing Centre (07881273851)

For further details contact Alison on: 07596238565. The day runs from 10am-5pm in the Lodge Hotel Coleraine.