Dalriada pupils achieve great success in UK Competition

Several Year 10 pupils in Dalriada School were celebrating last week.

Saturday, 11th October 2014, 4:28 pm
Special Merit Prizewinners. inbm40-14s

The whole year group entered a UK-wide competition in June: The School’s Bible Project Competition. This competition has been running for over a decade and receives thousands of essay entries each year from schools throughout the UK.

Over the past few years the Religious Studies department has celebrated a great deal of success in this competition, with many pupils winning prizes of special merit and a few pupils being awarded top prizes, with the opportunity to travel to London to accept them.

This year’s entries were superb. Eleven pupils were awarded a Bible for work of an exceptionally high standard and fifteen pupils were awarded either a copy of a book, entitled ‘The Third Day’ or a copy of Mark’s Gospel to recognise work of a very high standard.

Merit Prizewinners. inbm40-14s

The School’s Bible Project Competition aims to encourage students to encounter the New Testament and do some creative writing based on what they have learned. It is a chance for them to explore the thoughts and feelings of people who were actually present at an event in the life of Christ, and to write about it.

Students were asked to write an account of ‘The feeding of the 5000’ or ‘Lazarus being raise from the dead’ from an eye-witness perspective. This year the judges have once again noted that many of the pupils from Dalriada produced an essay of an extremely high standard, showing a thoughtful and reflective understanding of the passage.

To have had their hard work recognised is a great achievement for these Year 10 pupils. A very positive start to a new school year!

Special Merit Prizes:

Jonathan Feeney, Sarah Hadden, Joshua McAuley, Jamie Moorehead, Megan Schofield, Josh Watson, Seren Pemrick, Thomas Clark, Milenka Rygielska, Kate Beattie and Emily Crutchley.

Merit Prizes:

Lillian Hope, Jack Murdoch, Olivia Smyth, Darcy Winchborne, Adam Wright, Muryn Greene, Katie Tutty, Samuel McIlmoyle, Jill Hutchinson, Ben Kind, Elle Kirgan, Jon-Lee Walker, Jane Anderson, David Dysart and Stephanie McCahon.