Ballymoney duo’s song goes in iTunes

BALLYMONEY musical duo No Longer Neon have released their first single entitled Ask Yourself and it is available to buy worldwide on iTunes right now.

And you can visit their official website to watch the video for the single.

A Facebook page also features updates and a full list of thanks for everyone who contributed to the making of the video.

Writer and producer Elvin David said “It’s great to finally have it out there for the world to view and buy and we are already looking forward to the next single.

“We will be shooting the video at some great local locations!”

Singer and songwriter Pete Hughes added: “It is great to see the fruition of the hard work that was put in last year in the recording of our album and the first single.

“We are looking forward already to the next singles being released and what way the world receives them either through your TV screen, internet or radio.”