£40,000 JDLC budget allocation u-turn

BALLYMONEY Borough Council has agreed to use the 2012/13 budget allocation of £40,000 to carry out the five projects which are essential to the efficient running of various services within the Joey Dunlop Leisure Centre.

During a recent Leisure and Amenities Committee meeting, the Director advised that in the current year 2012/13 Council agreed a budget of

£40,000 for Temporary partial repairs to the Wet & Dry Ducts in the Swimming Pool.

The Director continued: ‘Following an inspection by the Councils consultants, minor temporary repairs are not essential at this stage as the disruption to the swimming pool would outweigh the benefits of such repairs.

‘Repairs to the Wet & Dry Ducts are likely to be more major in nature causing considerable disruption to the swimming pool. A further survey will be carried out next year. Permission is sought to use the £40,000 to finance the undernoted five small projects, essential to the efficient running of various services within the Leisure Centre.

‘Turnstile Repairs at Reception Foyer, Replacement Disabled Person Pool Hoist, Upgrade Air Conditioning System in Dance Studio, Purchase of Replacement Table & Chairs for Meeting Rooms £4,500 and Gladstone Booking System Kiosk.’

In response to a number of queries, the Director supplied additional information relating to each of the projects.

It was proposed by Cllr Jason Atkinson and seconded by Cllr Robert Halliday.