Grieving mum makes asthma awareness video

Tiernan Green
Tiernan Green

The mother of a young man who died after a severe asthma attack has made a moving video to highlight how serious the condition can be.

Donna Green, from Derrymacash, made the video just 15 hours ago but it has already had more than 84,000 views on Facebook, from Canada to Australia.

Tiernan (21) died on January 31 this year after taking the severe attack at his home.

His mother performed CPR while his dad Stephen frantically phoned 999, but although Tiernan was still breathing when the ambulance arrived, his attack was “too far gone”.

Using flashcards to tell the family’s story, his mum adds, “Our 6ft 4 tall, handsome son was gone. Just like that.”

She said it hurt so much to know that Tiernan, who had so much to live for, would never get the chance to marry or become a father. He and his girlfriend Lauren had been going out together for five years.

In the video, his mum says that if Tiernan had taken his proper medication at the right times and had a proper care plan “he would still be with us”.

It emerged after Tiernan’s death that he had used his blue inhaler 30 times on the day of the fatal attack but had not used his brown inhaler once.

Donna said, “Please spread this awareness - Asthma kills. Don’t have family, friends, loved one to gave to go through what we did when it can be prevented.”