Killowen Primary School student council

Back to school for MLA as she oversees Killowen PS election

There was great excitement in Killowen Primary School recently as the children prepared to run for School Council - and a local MLA also dropped im to give advice on running an election.

Thursday, 4th November 2021, 2:14 pm

Every child wrote a manifesto and many prepared speeches and videos to put themselves forward for election.

The halls and corridors were decorated in election posters and there was a rea l buzz around the school.

A Polling Station was set up in the assembly hall and Primary 6 children checked everyone’s ID and issued voting papers.

Each ballot paper was carefully counted and the children waited with bated breath for their special visitor, Claire Sugden MLA, to come in and announce the winners.

Claire, a former pupil at Killowen Primary School, was excited to return to the school.

Claire spent time answering many questions in each class and gave the children an insight into the democratic political system.

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