Ooops! Here’s another customer for ChipsAway!

Every minute, someone somewhere becomes another potential customer for Aaron Chambers, Coleraine and surrounding areas based operator for ChipsAway International, leading ‘on-the-spot’ automotive paint repair specialists. Think about it.

Thursday, 28th April 2011, 11:14 am

Whether it’s a stone thrown up from the road, the key scraping against your car door, or an out of control shopping trolley clipping your paintwork in the car park on a busy Saturday morning – and we’ve all been there - chips, bumps and minor scruffs are part and parcel of being a car owner.

Unsurprising then that recent research has confirmed that the majority of the 32 million cars in the UK are in need of attention to their paintwork and that most drivers would love to find a quick, cost-effective and convenient way of repairing their minor paint damage. After all, nobody wants the expense and inconvenience of booking their car into a body shop for small jobs. Industry experts also advise that keeping car paintwork up to scratch will extend the life of your vehicle and improve its value when you eventually look to sell.

“As the AA points out, it’s a smart move, to get your car repaired if you have any form of minor damage to your paintwork,” advises (Aaron Chambers of ChipsAway in Coleraine). “Whether a scratch, scuff, chip or dent, a cosmetic repair will not only make sure your car looks good, but will seal the area of damage, making it weatherproof and prevent rust setting in. If you leave it, the rust will eventually lead to corrosion which could ultimately result in a more extensive – and expensive – repair!”

This is exactly where Aaron and ChipsAway can help. Using a unique waterborne system developed by ChipsAway Inc. in the USA, ChipsAway can offer a faster, more convenient way of repairing minor damage to automotive paintwork – and at a radically reduced cost.

Car owners no longer need to book vehicles into a body shop for days at a time to have whole panels treated simply to remove a small scratch or chip to their paintwork, Aaron operates from a fully equipped vehicle – essentially, his mobile workshop – and takes his services directly to the customer, whether a member of the public or a business.

Today ChipsAway has over 300 UK operators, between them repairing some 300,000 vehicles per year.