Khyia’s dog biscuit business has recipe for success with pet owners across UK

A young County Antrim girl has set up her own online dog biscuit business which is going down a treat with pooch owners across the UK.

Thursday, 18th February 2021, 6:08 am
Khyia Douds has set up her own online dog biscuit business

Tech-savvy eight-year-old Khyia Douds from Clough established the business KhyiasKreations with the help of her mum Tracy, and in just over two weeks has managed to gain over 1,400 Instagram followers.

With dog owners ordering packages from as far afield as England, Khyia’s first steps as an entrepreneur seems to be a walk in the park having already confirmed more than 50 orders.

Khyia aims to make enough money through her online business to one day to open up her own dog hotel when she is older to look after pets left without a home.

“I really wanted a dog hotel for years because I really love dogs and I want to take in dogs when I’m older that don’t have homes and I’ve been planning this for years and I thought that I would get onto Instagram and start posting,” Khyia told the News Letter.

She added: “I love to bake and so I set up this little business to save up money by selling dogs little biscuits and I really like doing it.”

Khyia’s love of pets starts at home; her family own six dogs including her best friend and loyal companion, a Yorkie named Coco.

With her mum’s help, Khyia first set up the business on Etsy, a website focused on selling handmade or vintage items and craft supplies.

“Khyia would struggle a lot with literacy and English so we would have to help her with spelling and things but everything else is completely herself.” said mum Tracy.

The dog treats, entitled ‘The Paw-fect Post Parcels’ contain six biscuits bones either in Beef, Lamb or Peanut flavour, which arrive inside a personalised letter box fitting gift box.

With a twist for Valentine’s Day, Kyhia’s customers received heart shaped treats instead of bones.

Her mum continued: “We set up an Etsy shop and she put up her boxes for £3.

“I had to help set up the Etsy but Khyia picked everything that was on it but Etsy takes a percentage of what she selling, but anyone who messages her now she just sorts it out though her Instagram messages and then they send her the money through her own wee Pay Pal.”

“I love baking the dogs some treats and I was thinking how am I going to get the money for my dog hotel when I’m older so my mum said why don’t I sell biscuits and I thought that was a good idea, so that’s how it started,” said Khyia.

Tracy said: “We are quite shocked about it because we didn’t expect it to go viral.

“People have been in touch from England that she has been sending them too, so it seems to have really taken off.

“There’s some away today to Stoke-on-Trent We are very proud, we like to tell Khyia if she believes in something she can do it

“ I couldn’t bake to save myself so it’s definitely not through me that she’s baking.

“Khyia is beaming and for her confidence this has been the best thing it’s great that they’re off a screen and doing something during lockdown.”

You can buy Khyia’s dog treat online through her Etsy store at KhyiasKreations or follow the page on instagram @khyiaskreations.