Do you need a handyman around the house?

Its fair to say that we all have something around the house that needs fixed or renovated, whether that’s your garden needing a transformation, your walls or fence in need of painting, a broken piece of furniture needing restoration or perhaps a set of gates or storage unit designed and tailor made to suit your home, if you are in this position no matter what it is you need there is now only one man for the job, Odd Job Jerry!

Wednesday, 19th September 2012, 11:38 am

Odd Job Jerry is Jerry Cochrane, a man who not only has had many years of experience working with the general public but also a man who has a wealth of knowledge in DIY and has a real talent at taking something that’s not quite serving its purpose then not only restoring it, but transforming it into something much better than its initial purpose!

His business slogan says No Job Too Small! This is indeed correct because after a conversation with him you will realise there is a wealth of small jobs he can help you with and all at the best rate available, Jerry is a sole tradesman so it’s a personal touch from the moment you call him to completion of the job. Jerry will actually take a look at the problem and discuss your options open to you before then arranging a time that suits you to carry out the work you require. Jerry has already seen a great interest from elderly members of the local community once they heard that this service was now available and demand is set to rise with many people wanting to have repairs and maintenance carried out before the winter season begins.

Jerry says “Its great to now be in the position to help others like this in a different way and to use my skills in DIY to a greater level especially for those who have no one to help out with the many odd jobs that need done around their house. After many years in working with the public with sales I have got to know many great people and time and time again I have heard many say to me there is always something needing done around the house, it could have been a unit below the television needing fixed or maybe even a favourite chair or piece of furniture needing maintenance, so now I thought the time in my life is right to go out to the people with all these wealth of jobs that they need help with!”

Certainly Jerry is a man who takes pride in his work and does his best to ensure that you the customer are happy, if you have any jobs in need of attention around the house no matter how small just give him a call as many others are now doing and see what he can do for you! So for more details or to discuss any work that you may need done around the house give Jerry a call anytime Monday to Friday 9am-6pm on 028 276 67975 or 079 8084 2444.