Coleraine/Ballymoney Footcare Clinic - offering professional podiatry treatment


Thursday, 27th September 2012, 10:17 am

PROFESSIONAL expert in podiatry treatment, Wendy Hunter, treats any medical problems relating to the feet.

It’s vitally important that feet remain in tip-top condition as they are our only form of transport!

Chiropodists/podiatrists know more about feet than GPs – taking four years of intensive training to qualify in this profession.

With over 32 years’ experience, Wendy can easily deal with any complaint. Lower back, hip, knee, leg, ankle, heel, arch and even neck pain can be caused by poor alignment of the bones, ligaments/tendons in the feet and can be dramatically relieved, whilst improving posture, also preventing severely painful joints later in life.

Most problems can be soothed immediately but may require further treatment or helpful little orthotic devices.

Special rates for: Nail Trim only (from £12); Senior Citizen Scheme (from £17); Intensive treatment of corn, verruca, ulceration, infection etc (from £12); follow-up appointments.

Ingrown nails, more often than not do not require nail surgery - especially if it’s a sudden problem – the nail can be trained to grow out normally again. However, sometimes surgical removal is necessary to alleviate the problem permanently.

It’s advisable to seek help as soon as possible if a nail becomes inflamed or infected as the condition deteriorates at an alarming rate and is then more difficult to deal with. Wendy specialises in nail surgery and has a 100% success rate.

Effective retail items are available to treat dry/cracked skin, fungal skin/nail conditions, discoloured nails, sweaty or smelly feet, corns, bunions, blisters etc. Gift vouchers, gift- wrapped baskets and purses of requested items available.

Open in Coleraine - Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, alternate Saturdays (Evenings: Tuesday). Open in Ballymoney - Thursday and alternate Saturdays.

Free parking situated close to the surgeries.

See ’Footcare in Coleraine or Ballymoney’ to see testimonies, clinic hours and maps.