Lost Worlds Trail Series to launch

Lost Worlds Trail Series will launch with the Causeway Crossing Ultra on March 31st in Northern Ireland, along the Antrim Coast.

This series of non-stop 100k and 50k off-road foot races will take runners to some of the world’s most inspiring World Heritage sites including those races presently scheduled for 2012-2014 in Nicaragua, Italy and Belize.

Participants from Canada, US, Italy, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, UK, South Africa, Portugal, Finland, Latvia and Ireland have already registered. Local response has also been strong, including support from Ulster Cancer Foundation (UCF) and local endurance legend, Hanna Shields, who will be racing 100k.

Conceived by race event producer, Tim Holmstrom, the series intends to offer a set of extremely attractive destinations for trail and ultra runners and the growing number of people participating in races beyond the marathon distance.

“I’m very excited about the response we’ve had to this race series and now look forward to staging a world-class event in Ireland this March. Working with such an experienced organization such as local race organizers, 26 Extreme, will ensure the race is planned and executed professionally,” said Holmstrom.

“It’s all about these locations”, Holmstrom added. “Someone just recently told me that on any given day there’s no more spectacular a spot for a trail race than the Antrim Coast and Giant’s Causeway area.”