Five set thriller for Blaze seconds

In what turned out to be a five set thriller Ballymoney Blaze finished stronger to cement their second place in the league.

The first set began well for blaze, brimming with confidence after last week’s victory at Olympia, as they rushed into an early 8 point lead. As the set went on mistakes crept onto the blaze performance and soon the lead whittled away to two points at 22-20. Blaze held their nerve and were able to claim the set by the two point margin, winning 25-23.

In the second set mistakes and a lack of consistency in the blaze performance allowed Aztecs to even the match up at one set each as they took the set 25-19.

The third set was much the same as blaze continued to give away point after point through their own mistakes, and despite a late rally Aztecs rounded out the set 25-20.

After a rousing team talk before the fourth set by coach Johnny McClenaghan and captain John White, Blaze came out fighting. Taking the game to their opponents. Andrew Park, Matthew Bertenshaw and Adam Hunter all won huge points as Blaze rushed into an early lead, which they maintained throughout the set to win the set 25-18 setting up a fifth set shoot out to 15 points.

In the fifth set was going according to plan for blaze as they put themselves into what looked like an unassailable lead at 8-1, then 9-2. However, the Aztecs team were not prepared to lye down and roll over that easily as they fought their way back to 11-10 behind. Blaze were not to be denied though as they dug in and eventually won the set 15-13 to win the match 3-2 and keep themselves in second place in the league.

The team will now look to defeat the Aztecs seconds team on Monday night when the Aztecs Warriors visit Dalriada at 7pm. All spectators are welcome to attend.

The club are hosting a craft fair this Friday evening in Ma-Kelly’s from 6.30-9.30pm, for further info