Ballymoney Times Darts

Ballymoney Times Darts League:

Results and Fixtures

League Week 14

Kellys Flights v Royal British Legion 6 - 0

Joey’s Bar v Scotch House 2 - 4

Molly’s Bar v Blackwater Bar 6 - 0

Ballymoney Social Club v Rook’s Nest 3 - 3

The Scotch House are the League Champions.

FIXTURES: 09/03/12

This will be the Ballymoney Singles and will be played in Joey’s Bar.

Players are asked to register for 8.45pm so a draw can be made, play starts at 9pm sharp.

Please register early.


Team captains please note that there will be a league meeting on Wednesday 7th March at 8.30pm in the Royal British Legion, all teams MUST be represented.



Scotch House 69 15

Joey’s Bar 64 20

Molly’s Bar 51 33

Rook’s Nest 43 41

Kellys Flights 38 46

Ballymoney S.C. 36 48

Blackwater Bar 19 65

Royal British Legion 8 76

Highest checkout of the season goes to Rab Adair from Mollys Bar of 139.