SEE THE VIDEO: Lights! Camera! Action! Landhead PS movie makers

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When Landhead Primary School pupils were tasked with preparing a project to celebrate the Giro d’Italia, they weren’t content to just put pen to paper - they created an entire animated film.

The Primary 5, 6 and 7 classes worked together on the project which is part of their annual ICT work on animation.

The animation features the Giro d’Italia riders leaving Belfast City Hall and making their way to the Portrush Road roundabout in Ballymoney before moving on towards the Giant’s Causeway where Finn McCool awaits them!

Principal Michelle Henry told the Times: “We began this annual project in 2012 when we looked at the subject of the Titanic but each year I really believe that the work is getting better and better.

“One of our parents is a member of Ballymoney Cycling Club and suggested that we do something to mark the Giro coming through Ballymoney so we then began to think about how to make bikes move in an animation?”

The three week project involved all the children taking on different roles such as director, photographer, scene designer, shots tallying and devising the storyline.

“The whole project is so useful not just from an ICT point of view but it involves discussions, working together and problem solving.

“The children downloaded the pictures and then edited the film using Windows Moviemaker. They had to organise timings and all aspects of the film.

“We have uploaded the video now to YouTube and set ourselves an initial target of 500 views but we already have had 300 views so we are delighted.”

Now here’s the video...


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