Council ‘should stand firm’

Sir - When the people of the world told South Africa to end Apartheid they did.

When Archbishop Desmond Tutu visited the occupied West Bank he descibed the treatment, humiliation and dehumanisation of the people of Palestine by the State of Israel as far worse than anything they ever experienced in Apartheid South Africa.

Stand up for the civil religious and national rights of the people of Palestine.

Peace will come to Palestine through political discourse much as it has done here in the North of Ireland.

While we wait for the boycott divestment and sanctions campaign to tighten their grip on the failed apartheid zionist experiment called Israel lets stand up for the human in the humanatarian struggle for justice for Palestine.

Israel is an apartheid state and has more United Nations Resolutions condemning its behaviour than any other country in the world. Its imperative that the Council stands firm and does not bow to what ever pressure the pro-Israeli lobby exerts.

Stand up to the bullies. Show the way. Be leaders and be proud to be from the Green Glens of Antrim.

Fra Hughes, Belfast.