Single Farm payment

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Sinn Féin Loughgiel and Moyle candidate Kieran Mulholland welcomed a recent meeting between his party and the Ulster Farmers Union at the Assembly.

Mr Mulholland said: “SInn Féin had a very direct but hopefully productive meeting with the Ulster Farmers Union and we emphasised our party position on the future of Single Farm Payment in that it should be determined on a single region basis.

“The present model can no longer be justified as it is based on production levels from more than a decade ago so there is an urgent need for revision.

“The two region model would further create disadvantage especially for hill and small farmers, who, contrary to UFU views are also productive farmers.

“The single region model would be more equitable and sustain productive farmers in all areas across the North. “We understand that even among the farming community there are differences of opinion and anxiety for the future but we have studied the aspects around Single Farm Payment assiduously and crucially, we have had many meetings with working farmers to hear their views and we believe that equality for all is essential if the industry is to survive and thrive.”

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