You are anti-social!

A BALLYMONEY woman has “cried foul” over the state of the town’s streets which, she says, are literally covered in dog mess.

And, the town’s Environmental Warden has branded irresponsible dog owners who don’t clean up aftr thei pets as “anti-social”.

Ballymoney Council’s Warden Karen Mitchell said: “Anti-social dog owners - failing to clean up after your dog is not only anti-social behaviour but downright disgusting!”

One person who would whole-heartedly agree is the local woman who contacted The Times after walking a circuit from Trinity Drive to Linenhall Street which, she complained, was covered in dog foul.

“I counted 13 piles of dog dirt along that part of Ballymoney. It’s disgusting,” she said.

“I was out walking the other evening and ended up with both feet covered in dog dirt.

“On another occasion I actually slipped in the dog mess and had to go home and change, but imagine if a child or old person fell into it.”

The woman said that dog owners have to act more responsibly and clean up after their pets.

“I rang Ballymoney Borough Council and complained to them and they said they would pass it on to the dog warden.”

Karen Mitchell of Ballymoney Council continued: “The department continues to receive complaints regarding this issue. In January and February there was an increase in the number of complaints the department received.

“Perhaps some irresponsible dog owners use the facade of the dark evenings to disquise their anti social practice.

“There are a number of problematic areas as follows - Knock Road; Semicock Road; John Street; Linenhall Street; Kilraughts Road; Millicent Avenue, Balnamore; Beechwood Drive, Balnamore; Main Street, Dervock; Main Street, Stranocum and Main Street, Rasharkin.

“To those who continue this practice, who obviously do not care about the environment or indeed their neighbours including local children, parents pushing buggies. wheelchair users and the list goes on, shame on you!

“These individuals need to think about their actions and the damage their irresponsibilty could do.

“The department relie on the eyes and ears of the general public to help us bring these dog owners to count.

“I would take this opportunity to warn offenders that CCTV may very well be on the route you walk your dog in the coming days, weeks and months. When you are caught you will be able to tell the Resident Magistrate in the courthouse why you find it necessary to leave your dogs mess behind for others to clean.

“Also be aware that monitoring will continue both early morning and evening in a bid to detect the relevant offenders. I would also ask members of the public if they have any information to please come to me, all information supplied will be treated in the strictest confidence.

“Basically name and shame these offenders. Contact 02827660257. Ballymoney Borough endeavours constantly to create a safer healthier environment for all.

“Indeed I would say thank you to those individuals who have already helped us. Also thank you to the majority of dog owners who are indeed responsible law abiding citizens.”