UUP welcome over £14m investment in 79 new buses

Local Ulster Unionist Party representatives Cllr. Tom McKeown and election candidate Darryl Wilson have welcomed an announcement that over £14 million investment has been secured for 79 new buses.

£5.2 million of European investment has been secured towards the £14.2 million which was needed to meet the cost of the 79 news buses.

The investment will go towards the purchase of 42 Metro double deck buses, ten Metro single deck buses and 27 midi buses (two Metros and 25 Ulsterbuses). Many of the new vehicles will arrive in the Summer with the remainder arriving in the Autumn.

Mr Wilson said: “Announcements like this make public transport an increasingly viable option in the minds of the public. The idea of a modern bus fleet across Northern Ireland will provide people with greater choice in how they make their daily commute or travel for shopping or socialising.

“My Party colleague, Transport Minister Danny Kennedy, continues to make strides in making public transport more accessible and attractive. This is also not the first time he has made good use of European Investment to improve our infrastructure.

“With a fare freeze for 2014, investment in an increasingly modern fleet and ever improving infrastructure Danny Kennedy is helping make public transport a convenient way to travel.”