Try Thrifty Thursday!

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Here, we continue with our series of challenges from Ballymoney Borough Council:

We live in a time of rising prices and falling incomes. Energy and food prices are increasing while many have reduced incomes. UK charity Foodcycle estimates that as many as 4 million people in the UK are suffering from food poverty. This means households not being able to afford safe, healthy food to the same standard as other households and it does exist in the UK and right here in Ballymoney!

Foodcycle estimates that people in food poverty have £2.57 per day to spend on food after other bills are paid. Here’s the challenge then, could you live on £2.57 per day? Why not try it, stick to the budget for a day, a few days or a week if you’re up to it? You may then understand what it means to not have enough food. To make this work you need to plan ahead, check what’s in your cupboards or fridge and make other savings like drinking tap water or making your own lunch. If you really want to test yourself, why not try living on the £1 or less per day people in the developing world have to live on?

For more information on ‘Better Food For All’ contact Borough Services. Log on to for information on ‘Live below the line’. For simple ideas on how to cook great food for less or