Times ‘Facebookers’ enter horse meat debate

BALLYMONEY and Moyle Times readers have been voicing their opinions on the local Education Board’s decision to withdraw burgers from school meals menus following the recent horse meat scandal.

Our readers took to Facebook to tell us what they thought of the NEELB’s decision last Thursday.

The North Eastern Board said: “We would like to reassure parents that the meat used in our school kitchens is supplied locally and all menu items such as spaghetti bolognese, or meat balls, are prepared by the school catering staff using fresh, steak minced.

“However, as a result of current issues with regard to meat processing, the catering service felt it appropriate not to offer steak burgers as a menu choice with effect from 6th February 2013, until further clarification is obtained from our suppliers.

“We trust that this precautionary measure provides parents and pupils with reassurance and confidence in the menu items that are on offer in our school kitchens”.

We asked you whether the Board’s decision was a “responsible step” and also queried whether burgers should ever have been part of a school menu?

One Facebook member said: “No, they should be promoting a more healthy diet to kids.”

While another answered: “Depends on where they buy them. How about supporting the local butchers? I do not think we can trust any ‘processed’ meat now. We need to go back to the local butchers that make their own sausages and burgers and can trace the source of their meat.”

Another opinion was: “Kids prefer burgers as they are quick and easy to eat especially if they have lunchtime clubs or matches etc. They are def(initely) overpriced for all they are though, a filled baguette or sandwiches are better value.

“Nothing wrong with a good burger made with real beef ... I said real!” added another reader.