Thoughtless dog owners targeted

BALLYMONEY council has stepped up its bid to clampdown on thoughtless dog owners who continue to fail to scoop up after their pooches.

A council spokesperson said they had received a large number of calls regarding the issue in recent weeks.

And Times readers have also been voicing their disgust at the actions, or lack of, of some dog owners in the Ballymoney area.

One reader said: “I live in Kirkview Close.

“I am a new mum who walks the pram every day and would like to say that the pavements where I live are absolutely disgusting.

“They are covered with dog dirt. I know there are lots of people with similar views to me. It would be good to emphasise to dog owners to poop the scoop!”

The mum said she counted 10 separate dog fouls in one area despite bins being located close-by.

Recently council reported a 50% increase in the number of dog fouling complaints within the borough.

On inspection, all of the complaints were substantiated.

The following areas were inspected;

. Millicient Avenue , Balnamore

.Taughey Road, Balnamore

. Brookvale, Bendooragh

. Bendooragh Road

. Millar Avenue, Dervock

. Knock Road, Dervock

. Semicock Road, Ballymoney

. Newal Road, Ballymoney

. North Road, Ballymoney

. Bushvale Terrace

. Wallace Crescent

A spokesperson for Ballymoney Borough Council said: “These statistics are indeed discouraging for members of the public both non dog owners and indeed responsible dog owners who abide by all aspects of the law regarding dogs.

“Always keep your dog on a lead when in a public place.

“Make sure you clean up after your dog, remember there is a £50 fine for failing to do so.

“Do keep your dog properly secured within your own property at all times when not on a lead - £80 Fine for your dog straying.

“Please ensure that your dog is licensed - Unlicensed dog -£80 Fine

“Please ensure that you worm your dog regularly.

“Please get your dog microchipped, local vets are doing this free of charge up to the 31 March 2012, all dogs must be microchipped by this date.

“The most recent inspection carried out was on North Road where an irresponsible dog owner had actually allowed their dog to foul at school gates and left it lying there.

“I would like to point out to people who are continuing this practice ,would they like to be responsible for a child or indeed an adult losing their sight ?

“There is a disease called toxocaris which can be contracted from dog faeces.This can lead to blindness.

“Ballymoney Borough Council are striving to maintain a safer, healthier environment for all. Should your

readers have any information regarding dog fouling please contact us on 02827660257, all information will be treated in the strictest confidence.”