Sweet taakin dure rappers

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Boys freens dae ye know this am sae gled that tha electshun is ower for ye coodnae turn on tha televeeshun ir ye wur deeved wae yin ir anither gane on aboot why ye shud cast yer voat for them.

They niver devalved aboot hoo guid they wur an A think some o them did think they wur o a par wae tha man up abane. Noo am gettin brev an lang in tha tooth maesel sae A hae saa it a afore, rantin an goulin aboot tha richts an wrangs in oor wee country.

Hooiniver nae odds wha gaes intae tha cooncil tha wurkin man haes tae gae aff tae his work tha nixt moarnin. Thats naw even takin intae account tha thoosans wha hae nae work tae gae tae, am naw sure if onyboady iver gies them a thocht ava.

Noo ower tha last wheen o weeks forbye mae letter box bein nigh pued oot o tha dure wae paper promises o what yin perty ir tha ither cud dae for me. Boys but they kan fairly blow an blow aboot whaut wae aa need an whaut wye they wull dae tae maak is merry. Aff coorse thaur wus a hale batch o dure rappers wha come roon as weel, an they a hae their ain wye o rappin. Ye had tha rap an rin kine wha drapped in a wee flyer an then tane tae thaur baters oot tha gate. Ye had ither brev boys wha sent some cretur wha had drew tha shoart strae tae yer dure an they stud ootside tha gate incase they had tha slipe oot tha deid boady.

Hooiver A maun sae yin boady rapped tha dure an stud his grun tae A opened it tae ax what errand he micht hae. He toul mae wha hae wus an tha perty he shud for an aa aboot whaut he thocht shud bae dane niver harly takin time tae dra breath. He niver axed mae if A had onything tae sae, but mine ye A toul him onywye. A cud see bae his face hae wusnae for listenin tae me. Tha saim wye as he had dane tae onyboady else wha had opened thur mooth at ony ither dure hae micht hae bane at. Ye see poleteecins noo-a- deys know sae micht they dinnae lissen tae whaut ye micht think, they tell you whaut ye shud think. Rant ower folks, A hope whaiver ye voated fir got in but mine ye naw micht wull chenge for tha better.

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Tha Poocher June 2014.