Storey welcomes result of Scottish Referendum

North Antrim MLA Mervyn Storey has today responded to the results of the Scottish referendum saying:

“This was a decision to be taken by the people of Scotland and they participated in overwhelming numbers. There is a sense of relief throughout the UK at the decision and I welcome the fact that Scotland has voted to remain within the United Kingdom.

“In Northern Ireland it is clear that more and more people want to maintain the status quo and whilst there is nothing to fear from that view being expressed, there are other more pressing issues the people here would wish us to be focusing upon.

“There will be incredibly important issues to be resolved over the coming weeks and months that will have an impact on every part of the United Kingdom, and the public should be reassured in the safe knowledge that the DUP will be at the negotiating table leading for Northern Ireland. However, I am glad that we are presented with the challenge of looking at how the UK is best governed rather than dealing with the aftermath of a break-up.”