Sinn Fein leading the way on local farming – Thompson

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Glens Sinn Fein Councillor Colum Thompson has said that his party is leading the way for the farming community in The Glens, while others follow.

Councillor Thompson said; “It is encouraging to now see other political parties finally adopt the same position as Sinn Fein on having a single zone region on CAP Pillar 1. To have considered splitting The North into two regions is foolish and detrimental to the majority of farmers in The Glens. Sinn Fein has supported a single region model from day one.

“We have hosted a number of events with farmers in the local area, including a meeting with Martina Anderson MEP in Ballymena in December 2013 as well as facilitating several engagements for local farmers with DARD officials. One of these engagements was hosted by Oliver Mc Mullan MLA, held in The Glens Hotel in Cushendall and was attended by over three hundred farmers from right across East and North Antrim.

“The Minister Of Agriculture And Rural Development Michelle O’ Neill has had an open door policy for local farmers and has hosted a number of Glens farming groups and delegations to The Assembly. The Minister has also said time and again that she will always support the farming community. Our MLA Oliver Mc Mullan is a member of The DARD Committee at Stormont and is a tireless worker for local farmers.

“I myself have taken motions to Moyle District Council in support of local farmers and the farming industry. The East Antrim Sinn Fein constituency office in Carnlough has given help and support to countless local farmers filling in forms and giving advice. To contact the East Antrim Sinn Fein constituency office call 028 2888 5809.”