Rosie ends her 'Just a little run around the world'

LAST Friday, Rosie Swale Pope ended her five year run around the world at the Giant's Causeway.

The aim of the run was to raise funds for a number of charities including Prostrate Cancer, after her husband died of the disease some years ago.

Speaking to the Times Rosie from Wales explained: “On October 2 2003, my 57th birthday, I set off to run around the world - solo, self supporting and on a very low budget.

“My dearest wish was just to do a complete circle of the earth. The death of my husband Clive from prostate cancer, taught me more than anything about how precious life is; How short it can be, that you HAVE to grab life, do what you can while you can, and try to give something back.

“My aim was to raise funds for a number of charities and to highlight the importance of cancer awareness.”

On September 14 this year, Rosie set off on her final leg - a 236 mile run up Ireland from Rosslare to the Giant’s Causeway pulling my cart Icebird.

She added: “The Irish people have overwhelmed me and have totally inspired the run in Ireland. I finished last Friday at the Giant’s Causeway where I enjoyed a beautiful lunch at the Nook. My father was Irish and I have enjoyed coming back to his home.

“I would like to thank Paul Maguire and the people of Ballycastle for all their help along the road. They are lovely people and I will truly remember my time in the north coast.”